Poll: What is your favourite Ed Sheeran album
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+ (2011)
1 20%
x (2014)
3 60%
÷ (2017)
1 20%
Voters: 5.
After listening the Ed's new album Divide a few times, I started to ask myself what my favourite album of his is. After thinking for a while, I settled for Multiply because I loved the musical and lyrical parts of every song, as opposed to Divide where there were some songs I didn't really like (What Do I Know?, Bibia Be Ye Ye, Nancy Mulligan). Plus was a close second, but I preferred Multiply because it had a more variety or sound and instruments.

I was wondering what everyone else thought of his albums and which were most people's favourites. Choose an option in the poll and comment below what you like (and don't like) about them.
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