Not had any lessons ever, playing on and off over 10 years or so. Learned from books and internet.

I not been playing much at all over last few years tbh but just made this first take improvisation over voodoo chile backing...Not trying to replicate Hendrix tab just doing my own live thing

Interested in thoughts and opinions of more technical/knowledgeable guitar folk.  How I can improve and what you think of my overall playing? Never really had anyone review my playing as not had a teacher and mainly play in room for fun over the years.

Much appreciated and I hope you enjoyed.

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Alright, you've got some pretty cool stuff going on in that solo, so I'm not going to comment too much on that part, but there's one think that I immediately saw and that's the way you're holding your pick and the way you are picking.

I can't really see how you're holding the pick, but it looks like you are using the tips of your thumb and pointer finger. Indeally, you would want to use the side of your pointer finger and the tip of your thumbs. I can't really explain properly how to do it, but there's tons of pictures to be found, like this:

However you hold the pick isn't all that important, there's tons of great guitarists that hold the pick differently. Far more pressing is your picking technique. All of your picking comes from either movement in your fingers, or from your elbow (in faster 'tremolo' passages). This is not good and will damage your hands eventually. Picking should come from the wrist only, with minimal movement from your fingers. It will allow you to be faster, more flexible and less prone to injury.

Watch your own video again, and see if you can identify what I mean. There's a couple of points in there where it looks like you are indeed picking from the wrist, but your jumper makes it a little hard to see. I can definitely see large portions of picking the wrong way though, for instance around 0:23 (finger movement) and 2:45 (elbow movement).

I hope that helps
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hey man I don't have a pick lol I'm using my fingers as if I have a pick but don't, I sometimes do that rather than use a pick... LOL

Thanks for the advice though I have read similar articles on how to use pick before so know about it just never really use them as I'm only in my room and never seen the need often try to play quieter also and pick seem to make it louder.

I guess your advice is still relevant though regardless and thanks for that ill try to work on that aspect and may practice with a pick.  So all about wrist not fingers and elbow ok! cool!

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