There's little no bass at all. What does it sound like premastered?
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Just listened on mediocre headphones with my laptop - I think overall it sounds great - really cool dreamy track -  I really like the arrangement.  On my headphones the bass was fine, definitely not pronounced, but there.  I think it's well mixed/mastered for clarity - because most of everything sounds terrible on the headphones I have here ( at work), especially any low end issues. So if it sounds clear on these, you did a great job. You have room to raise the bass a bit, but it might cause other issues, so it's up to you.  You should be proud of  the tune  

My only suggestion, which is stylistic more than anything, would be a touch of reverb on the vocal during that first verse. Something to make it very slightly less dry.  It's a not a necessary change though, just a suggestion. 

Well done!
I enjoyed it. Really nice. I agree with a little something wet on the vocals. A touch of stereo reverb or maybe a very short delay to fatten the vocal a little and give some space on the sides. That may be me just being picky. It's very good. Congratulations.
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The acoustic steel string guitar sounds a bit too cheap imo, maybe needs a little chorus and verb to open it up a bit. The vocals could be wetter. Think more of a U2 type of production. The bass could be more prominent, it was too low. Deeper kick sound would also work well, more punch to the drums, esp. kick and snare.