Saturday Psychotronics: Holy Moses - The New Machine of Liechtenstein


Holy Moses are a thrash band from Germany with female vocals. After their original label began to crash, they moved to a bigger label under Warner Music Group. This brought the release of their third album, The New Machine of Liechtenstein, released in 1989, a sci-fi/horror concept album that's about "a machine that acts like a human being and can destroy the world." It's not as aggressive as their previous album, but it has solid riffing patterns, especially when they cut loose with the more chaotic, almost technical-sounding breaks. It can sometimes sound plodding, and it probably had something to do with how carefully they tried to arrange the riffs to communicate the progression of the concept. Usually they throw in something cool just as it begins to get boring. The vocals are cool, too. She writes the lyrics and the concepts. The drummer is also Uli Kusch, who would be the drummer for Helloween from Master of the Rings to The Dark Ride.

Who are you? The prince of darkness? Don't you have any friends?

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Nice find! I'm actually a very big fan of technical/progressive thrash (Toxik, Heathen, Voivod, etc) and this is right up my alley. Still going through it but I'm enjoying it quite a bit.
I've recently started exploring the technical/progressive thrash bands. You listen to Mekong Delta?
Who are you? The prince of darkness? Don't you have any friends?

Kytokinesis Yes, I do, and one of my favourites is Invocator. Although they are also quite heavy on the death metal influences, and I may also be biased because I'm half Danish myself. I recommend listening to the album Excursion Demise, the riffs are infinitely good.
severed-metal Riffs are definitely center stage on this album. The production really highlights them.

Listened to a bit of Excursion Demise a couple weeks ago actually. It's on the list of albums to check out.

Tech thrash albums I've been spinning:
Victims of Deception
Time Does Not Heal
Think This
No More Color
Who are you? The prince of darkness? Don't you have any friends?

Kytokinesis I've actually been writing an album that attempts to capture the same dark atmosphere as Nevermore, but I'm trying to avoid sounding like a lame copy by going back to their influences (or what I believe influenced the initial sound of that band). One of the tracks I'm writing is very much influenced by "Sirens" from Coroner's Mental Vortex. I just have one problem with this material I'm writing --- I can come up with all these great riffs/melodies/chord progressions/ideas but I'm struggling to finish a single one of them. One of the pitfalls of Nevermore's sound (and even thrash at times) is the choppy songwriting. Ideas will be thrown around but careful development is still required. This is what I'm trying to avoid.

Victims of Deception is very good (love "Guitarmony"), and Time Does Not Heal does not deserve the amount of hate it gets. Although I wished they had at least one more album which combined slightly more sensible songwriting than what was present on that album. Same goes for Grin by Coroner (that it gets more hate than deserved). 

Have you listened to the latest Watchtower EP?
HaydenHohns Sounds interesting. Maybe try looking outside of metal for songwriting help? I think metal bands take a lot of influence from outside sources but they distill it so much you can't really make it out. Plus the bigger bands/artists on big labels are usually put in a room and literally taught how to write songs, like transitions, hooks, dynamics, etc. It might be boring verse/chorus/verse stuff but you can always build on to that.

Don't know how anyone could not like Time Does Not Heal. 246 riiiiiiiiiiiiiiffs fuck yea, bitch! It's like Disneyland for riffs. Also, talk about variation on a theme...

I listened to Watchtower after you posted that. I didn't know they had new material out. Leave it to a technical thrash band to make their album sound like a math textbook. Have any of them actually done real math in their lives, though?  
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Kytokinesis Don't worry, I've actually had plenty of theory ingrained into me, and I know how to write music. For a shameless, self-plug, see the links below (although that stuff is melodic black metal). I guess the problem is that I've never written music for vocals, and I'm not used to writing music with such a well-defined structure. I grew up with training in jazz and classical before metal came around, so the music I write is "more interesting" so to speak. I don't know how to sit back and let the vocals do their thing. There is also a lot of weird modal stuff going on in what I've been writing. Jeff Loomis comes from a more "classical" background, whereas I'm approaching things from a more fusion perspective.

As a mathematician, I writhe inside reading the lyrics, but I can't help but grin when I hear the musicianship on display.

EDIT: Also, to stop this thread getting completely derailed, we should make a "guide to technical thrash", much like the USPM thread and continue the discussion there. I could start it if you want.

I might post some GP5 files of the tracks I've written a bit later if you have Guitar Pro 5/6/7. I could also do MIDI.
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I'm down for a technical thrash thread, but I also don't care about these psychotronics threads getting derailed. I'm just glad it has sparked some discussion.

I have GP 6 so yea I'd like to see the tabs

edit: but by all means, yea, make the guide  
Who are you? The prince of darkness? Don't you have any friends?

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