This beginning. I can tab songs from Demetori and ZHIEND no problem. But I've never tabbed a Hatsune Miku song before. I'm not a huge fan of the band, but I love the bass work and the guitars in their songs. 

I'm trying to figure out the beginning guitar riff. I'm not familiar with scales or keys, I learn how to play guitar using Rocksmith. I just try individual notes close to what I think they are and hope that I get it right. 

Anyone have any ideas? 

Edit: I did a midi transcribe of the intro, and it suggests it's played all the way up on the fret board which sounds about right to me. 
I'm transcribing the midi at the moment, it's only the intro part because I'm using a trial version of the audio to midi convert. 
So far I've got:
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Not impossible to tab, just a little hard
Yeah, it's kind of hard to pick a single part out because of all that's going on, but this should be the left, higher guitar part. You can play the last note as an artificial harmonic at the 16th fret, B string as an alternative.
|----17-20----20-19-17-------19-------17-19-20-17-| x3

NSpen1 Awesome, thanks. I keep forgetting the one main trick to tabbing, that is slowing down the song. I do try to sing the notes that I hear, but it's not very easy because I'm surrounded by noise. 
Also pan speakers to left or right to help pick out an individual part, or listen on headphones. I didn't slow this down, it's something I rarely, if ever, do because I found that the software distorted the sound in addition to slowing it down, making it no easier for me to hear the part.