Hi Guys,

I recently purchased what I thought was labelled as an RG520 from 1999 for about $300 from a local music shop. After doing more research and realizing that the 520 never came with a LO-TRS like what i bought has, I learned what I actually bought was an RG420FM. Both are made in Japan and it honestly plays pretty nicely. I'm just curious if it's actually worth $300 since I can't really find anything about the 420's worth online since there's a modern RG420 that's completely different and that clogs any search results I get.

The goal of this guitar was to be a project guitar where I'd replace what I could with new parts since there's a bit of rust in certain places (it's 27 years old at this point so it's really not surprising). I can return it to the store for a refund so I'm wondering what to do.

Any help anyone can provide will be really appreciated.
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DamagingExcess Yes, looks like a pretty fair price (of course depending of its condition).
Quote by DamagingExcess
(it's 27 years old at this point so it's really not surprising)

May be you meant 17?