Step 1: Have a listen to this riff: https://soundcloud.com/jbfmusic/musical-chinese-whispers-mystery-riff

Step 2: Make your own version; just like Chinese whispers you can try and be as accurate as possible, troll it up the lolz or anything in between

Step 3: Show your version to a friend and/or post it here as a reply 

Step 4: It goes back to Step 1, but with a new riff- your riff

Hopefully some of you will join in, should be interesting to see how quickly it changes, or if it drifts back to something similar to the original at all

For a bit of back info: this came about as part of a mashup video of stolen/similar riffs- I'll pop it in the video forum, so as not to spam it up too much here.
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It would be productive to combine musical chairs with telephone tbh
There's no such thing; there never was. Where I am going you cannot follow me now.