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Looking for advice on EMG wiring - well just the PA booster on KFK set. I'm after a set of EMG pickups and have only them two available. From what I have noticed Zakks set comes with long post pots so only good for Gibson style guitars. That leaves me with KFK set but I'm not really keen on the booster thing - can I just not plug it in or is it a vital part of the whole circuit? Please go easy on me if that's something obvious - all I know about electricity is that you don't stick a fork in the wall socket haha.
Technically speaking, the KFK and ZW pickups are the same, so you can run it without the booster. It might be cheaper to get the ZW set and then buy replacement 25k short shaft pots.

KFK = EMG 81, EMG 85, PA booster.
ZW = EMG 81, EMG 85, long shaft pots.

PS. Are secondhand pickups not an option? You can save a lot of money that way.
Long shaft pots will work fine in most guitars they will just be slightly raised up in the control cavity. 
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I have the KFK set in one guitar but I got it 10+ years ago before EMG had the full solder-less wiring kits so I'm sure you don't have to install it but I'm not sure if it will connect without needing to solder.  Worst case scenario, if you don't want to solder, you can just leave the PE2 inside the cavity in the off position.  The pickups are already hot, so I agree it's kind of overkill for anything.  It DOES have a trim pot though so you can adjust it to give a very slight boost.

I'm also wondering if an 89 in the neck would be better than a 85 if you want more versatility.  If I swap it at some point I could always remove the PA2 and replace it a coil split switch.