I've been playing guitar on and off since last year. Only since february have I started to actually play daily. I have plenty of free time (I'm a bored high school student) and have no problem dedicated a large amount of time to practice. my problem, however, is that I don't really have a scheduled routine. I mainly just practice different tabs. It would be nice if some people could share their own practice routines so I could try them out. The main things I want to improve are my sense of rhythm and transition between chords/frets.
voobo420 If you want to improve your chord transitions, just take some time for your practice to improve this skill. Since you have a lot of free time, try taking this matter on a session of 20-30 min, on a daily basis. At first, it will be a little boring, but very rewarding.

Take one or more progressions of 3 or 4 chords each. Take a metronome and start slow, changing the chord on every beat. Take time to look and think about what you are doing. You want to be able to move lightly and fluidly, keeping your fretting hand near the fretboard as you make the transition. Also, you'll notice that there are chords that require no movements of one or more fingers (G to D, for example. Both use the D note on the 2nd string.), so you will be able to move with lesser effort.

Once you are confident with a particular progression, start strumming to it, with a song, or even to the metronome. Try different strumming patterns. If you have a hard time figuring them out, there are a lot of websites with examples.

Starting slow will also make possible for you to keep an eye on good posture of your left hand, which is often overlooked.

This will help you build muscle memory, if you don't have, already!

I've been practicing like this:

Little warmup - 5 min
Chords - 15 min 
Picking - 15 min (runs of major, minor, and pentatonics scales - been trying to improve alternate picking precision and speed, as well as hands sync)
Legato - 15 min (same as above)
Scales - 15 min (I've been using the 7 positions of major and minor scales, as well as pentatonics, studying their intervals, differences from one to another, how they relate horizontally and vertically - I made a post about this, btw, which has really great content!)
Improv - Depends on how much time I have

Sweeping and Arpeggios will be incuded in this schedule on the next days.

I'm never too strict with these times. This is a 1 hour schedule, since I have 1 hour per day. There are days in which I can practice more, so I adjust, or take more on topics I'm feeling like practicing. The important thing is to have fun!

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The good teacher can help to find right exercises for you and organize your practice schedule 
It's hard to advise something specifically since we don't know you current level of abilities
Find a good teacher really, that will help you to save tons of wasted hours of seamless practice