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Long story short, I need to switch to a new amp from what I currently have because of size and quality. My current dilemma is that I am a broke college student studying music who needs to play jazz occasionally and still be able to play almost any other style ranging from metal (more of an ABR or TDWP style) to jazz to reggae. I honestly prefer to have a nice jazz sound because my sound for almost any genre I play is heavily influenced by jazz. 

To give you some background on what I have:
- I have a Marshall MG100HDFx half stack. Recently it started giving me some slight distortion on my clean channel, which I rely on entirely most of the time for any gig. I understand that this is not a great amp in general in comparison to any other amp out there for the same price, but I did get it for a steal from someone who did not want it anymore and was a good friend of mine, so I did not complain.
- I own three guitars, an LTD EC1000, a Jay Turser hollowbody (resembles a Gibson es 335 and it was given to me for free. Sounds great in small jazz combo settings), and an Ibanez acoustic-electric that was a Christmas present from the maternal and paternal figures.

Basically, I am trying to sell the amp once I fix the distortion (which any help in doing so would be greatly appreciated) and want to buy something that pumps out a ton of sound as well as give me good sound at low volumes for the jazz stuff. I have found a couple of Fender Champion 100s that are used for under $300, but I have read a ton of mixed reviews regarding those amps. I would like to stick to the solid state amps because I don't want to have to deal with tubes and such just yet. I will get a proper tube amp in the future before grad school in two years, unless you all could convince me in a good tube amp that meets all my requirements that won't break me with changing tubes and such.

Any and all help would be fantastic!
Quilter solid state non-modeling amps are good enough you may not need a "proper tube amp".

Default tones are perfect for classic rock, jazz, pop, etc., and with the right pedals- yes, pedals- you can even squeeze convincing metal tones out of them.

Given your budget, I'd say one of the 101s would be perfect. They even have a headphone jack.
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Did you mean one of the 100s? I definitely want to stay above 75 watts when it comes to the solid states. Also, I may be able to get some pedals (aside from my metal zone pedal that I bought when I was a very young teenager who did not know any better) if I can find a cheap Fender Champion 100 after selling my amp. Good thing is I can get around $350 to $400 for my amp once it gets fixed.
@dannyalcatraz did you hook your stuff up yet? or are you waiting to buy a quilter?
dannyalcatraz After doing further research, I now see that the Quilter 101 is a mini 100 watt head when I originally thought you were talking about the Champion 100. I'm really looking to downsize my amp because I am also moving to another state from a two bedroom apartment to a single bedroom. So my best option is to look for a combo amp and get rid of the Marshall MG100HDFx head and my Marshall slant cabinet to make more space in my new place. Not to mention the fact that I play many gigs here and there where I cannot justify lugging so much stuff around every single time.Any suggestions from anyone? 
No, the 101:

A 5lb, $299 SS head with a headphone jack. 50-100w, depending on settings. Even with a separate 1x12 cab, it will be lighter than most combos.

Jazz tones

Metal tones (w/Friedman OD pedal)


I still haven't gotten to the Orange- I played guitar Wednesday for the first time in a few weeks, but I was out & about, playing through one of my Korg Pandoras with headphones.

Came up with some cool NST tuned space-surf stuff that should sound immense through it, though...

Quilter's Mach 2 is squarely in my sights, but I'm not thinking it will be my NEXT purchase.
Sturgeon's 2nd Law, a.k.a. Sturgeon's Revelation: “Ninety percent of everything is crap.”

Why, yes, I am a lawyer- thanks for asking!

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dannyalcatraz The only problem is that I still would need a cabinet or speaker of some sort to run the mini head through. It looks great and is definitely high on my list of things to look into for the future after watching a ton of reviews on youtube and such, but I need a combo amp with speakers built in. Any other options to look into?
Most of the combo amps on my radar with the kind of tonal flexibility you seek cost $500+ used...if you can find them.

I know of some older Carvin combo amps that can do what you want (maybe) and are in your price range, but they're massive- tube amps.


And even their SS cousins aren't lightweights.
Sturgeon's 2nd Law, a.k.a. Sturgeon's Revelation: “Ninety percent of everything is crap.”

Why, yes, I am a lawyer- thanks for asking!

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dannyalcatraz How do you feel about modelling amps? I used to own a Peavey Vypyr and a Line 6 Spyder IV 120 watt, both of which I used for different reasons. The Peavey had a beautiful jazz tone I had set in and fixed up myself. I also had a super smooth and mellow jazz tone on the Line 6. I never really liked the sound of the distortion of either of them right off the bat, but the Line 6 was the one I used a lot more for the metal stuff. That's why I asked about the Champion 100 because of the standard clean Fender sound and the ability to mimic the sounds of several other fender amps. Obviously it is not a tube amp and will never come close, but does it do the justice in the meantime since I don't do many professional gigs and only stuff for uni? I really don't know and it's why I am asking so many questions.
While I do use and even recommend some modeling devices- Korg Pandoras, DigiTech iPB-10s, Boss Micro BRs, Line 6 PODs, and the current generation products like Amplifires- I'm not a huge fan of modeling amps. Most of the devices can work just fine with standard pedals, and I've seen professional touring boards mixing the higher-end modelers with pedals. Hell- Steve Howe's current board features some big ass Line 6 that has been painstakingly programmed with models of most of the standard pedals he used over his 40+ years as the main axeman for Yes and other prog bands.

But most modeling amps seem to hate outboard dirt pedals (fuzzes, overdrives and distortions). Don't ask me why.

Now, I don't hate the Line 6 Spyders like a lot of people do, mainly because I've heard guitarists get great jazz and classic rock tones out of them. I have yet to hear one do metal all that well, and most of the negative reviews I've seen & heard come from metal-centric players. And their hate is justified, considering how poorly they do metal, while seemingly being marketed so pointedly at the metal guitarist market.
Sturgeon's 2nd Law, a.k.a. Sturgeon's Revelation: “Ninety percent of everything is crap.”

Why, yes, I am a lawyer- thanks for asking!

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dannyalcatraz Well, I do appreciate all of your advice thus far. What amp, in general (whether tube or ss), do you suggest for around $300 that would give me a really smooth jazz/blues sound, disregarding the heavy rock and metal styles? I can do without the metal and stuff since I actually very rarely play that anymore and was only really searching for the versatility. I wish I could get my hands on a Fender '65 Reissue or something (used obviously) for that price, but those run for over $500 used most of the time.
dannyalcatraz So, from the used stuff out there right now, I am torn between the Fender Champion 100 and the Line 6 Spider IV 150 watt. I really want to go for anything with the two 12 inch speakers and no less than 100 watts for a ss. I used to own a Line 6 and know how they work, but the only problem I had (which I believe I caused myself and was not a manufacturing problem) was a short that would shut my amp off when I used the FKV pedal. I just don't know if that would be better than the Champion 100 for something that is the same size. Both are sitting at around $250 on guitar center's used website currently.
Well, I'm not an amp guru, and surprised trashedlostfdup didn't pipe up with something, because he IS.

The only other SS amps that really caught my imagination besides the Quilters were various Carvins. But they don't make SS amps anymore for some reason. By all accounts, theirs were quite good. The prices were right, too.

In your situation of looking for a SS combo amp, if I didn't go for a Quilter, I'd look for those on sites like GC, Music-Go-Round, Reverb or eBay.


I still think that a 101 & a cab will be lighter than any combo you'll find. My Fender HRD is pretty beefy, and it's a 1x12 tube amp.
Sturgeon's 2nd Law, a.k.a. Sturgeon's Revelation: “Ninety percent of everything is crap.”

Why, yes, I am a lawyer- thanks for asking!

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dannyalcatraz  i was gone for a day or two. new girl friend, went out of town together and had some fun.

anyways. as far as SS goes, i don't even look at anything SS. Personally i am not into it. BUT, i understand that some people do and that is their right.

one quickie, is in the last ten years with (currently 21 tube amps), i have only maybe spent $80 on failed tubes, and that is a lot of amps and a lot of time, and throwing around some a little bit gigging.  some to tweak, yes. some that didn't need it, but you get the point. they cost a lot less to maintain than what some people seem to make them out to be.

i think it would be fair to say the average guitarist spends more on strings than on tubes.

as far as good small SS amps, danny has been raving about the quilters, i imagine that he know more about them then i, and danny has good taste in general IMO.

i think the only thing in budget that would do it all would be a JSX combo. not too hard to find. not excessively expensive IMO.
What about a Peavey Special 130?  When I think of loud, budget solid state amps, I think of Peavey for some reason.  With the price of a used Special 130, you could get a pedal or two for metal as well.  It is only a 112 combo, but at 130 watts it should be plenty loud.
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Isn't the Atomic Firebox going to be in that price range? They are supposed to be released this spring (so now I guess). It's just a smaller version of the Amplifire, same electronics. That will do you forever, man.
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