I have decided on getting a new guitar before summer hits. I am willing to trade my current guitar for it.
I like the Charvel Mod So-cal body, but not the cost. I have about 500$ to spend.
I look into the ESP's, Schecters, etc but cant decide on what to get. 
Do any of them hold up? Or should I wait till fall....lol 
I have a ESP LTD EC-1000 right now. Bought new for 850$ 
1. That's a great price for an EC-1000.

2. Charvel, not a bad guess.
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Can you buy used?  Way Cool JR. is right on with the Jackson option.  

I'll also throw out Ibanez RG series if you like the look of the So-Cal.  

Have you played one of these Charvels?  If the neck is anything like the Jacksons (they are sister companies, now both owned by Fender) they will feel very different than the EC-1000.  

I own an EC-1001, E-II Eclipse, and 2 Jacksons with the compound radius bolt-on necks - very different feel to me in neck profile and fret size (Jumbo on the Jackson and Extra Jumbo on the ESP/LTD).  

Just try before you buy.  

Kramer also has the same look in their super strats.  
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If you have a used market where you are you may be able to pick up a used MIJ Jackson, they are usually plentiful and sell below $500 used depending on the model and condition $500 is tops for the Japanese imports typically unless you get something rare or one of the early "Pro" models that were neck through and on-par with the USA models.

Ibanez Prestige is a good buy as well but not usually $500 or less.
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I just traded in my ec-1000 for a schecter c-1 platinum. I got a really good deal and paid $400 for my ec-1000 with the case 10 years ago. All in all I'm happy I traded it. It was a great guitar but I honestly like the c1 much more. I don't think I've ever played a schecter that I didn't like. Even their cheapest guitars play really nice. I would definitely recommend checking them out.
Quote by warmachinem1
I look into the ESP's, Schecters, etc but cant decide on what to get. 

What sort of things are you after with these guitars? I'm sure theres some that fit your budget from these brands. If you're after more traditional strat-ish bodies then schecter makes these kinds of things:

bit pricey tho as most schecters are

jackson have made some guitars with that sort of body too, but if you want more of a modern strat body that so many metal guitars have these days, then theres a lot more choice