Hello everyone! I just want to ask a simple question  I am playing electric guitar for almost a year now and my amp is basically a cheap but descemt 10 watt amp that is locally made here in my country. I only play at home and for little programs and projects held in my school and whenever I use my amp or the school's amp (no matter how big it is) they just mic it up through their big speaker. So I just want to know if I should invest in a bigger and more expensive amp or just stay with my little amp and just buy amazing pedals for it. All your response will be much appreciated! Thanks! btw, im new here
If it has a good clean for pedals and you like it, keep it.
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All that matters is that you like it.  But I will open up a can of worms - go play a well regarded amp for the style you play and then see if you still like your amp.  
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laughhereWhat amp is it? You may like it now, but when you compare it to a "big boy" amp, you may find your amp has been lacking and uninspiring this whole time, as metalmingee said something similar. Also, depending upon what amp it is, pedals may ultimately be a waste of money as some amps will not react properly to them.
Does your current amp suck?

Yes-  Get a new amp.

No- If you like your amp you can keep your amp.  It's all about tone not watts.
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