So here is the scoop, i been playing on and off for about 5 years now but iv never had an actual guitar lesson, im a metal fan and i play for at least an hour a day learning tabs from my favorite songs. however iv gotten to the point know where id like to create my own music and change some of my favorite songs. i know the basic A through G cords but not much more. what do you all suggest i practice and learn to better myself and teach myself how to jam and create

many thanks all
By the basic A through G chords, you mean open chords like G, C, Am, em, etc? If so, look into learning E-shape and A-shape barre chords, too, alongside power chords, and the notes along the fretboard (at least Low E and A strings for the time being).

Learning how to construct and play the Major scale, Minor Scale, and Pentatonic (and Blues) scales in different positions and in different keys along the fretboard can be helpful in connecting the dots of creating ideas. Learning intervals (sound and how to play), chord construction up to 7th chords (Dominant 7th, Minor 7th, Major 7th, minor 7 flat 5 [min7b5] as examples) are all useful things to learn, too.

When it comes to learning songs, are you learning the complete song or just bits and pieces? It is much better to learn ONE complete song (even if it's just the rhythm guitar part through the whole song) than it is to learn a single riff from a DOZEN songs since it'll help give you perspective on combining different ideas, composing, and arranging them. For solos, ALWAYS learn the rhythm part underneath and then the solo. This way, you can analyze it later and understand why certain licks and notes sound the way they do over chords.
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In regards to the chords I haven't even got that far I literally know ABCDEFG and that's it, I know the notes along the frets but it's not fluent, by which I mean it takes a second for me to look think and translate it. I do learn whole songs but not all songs, do you suggest going back and learning ones I haven't learned fully?

I appreciate your time by the way
LeedleBeans  You need to practice more on than off. To get really food at playing is more than an hour a day. You have to play every waking moment. Learn to live with your guitar. Take it with you everywhere you go. If you want to play good that will do it. As far as what to play, Its up to you. Find some songs you want to learn, mix them up so you dont play the same one all the time and play them till you play them good.