Hey guys. 

I'm planning to busk this summer, but I have no idea how to power my gear.
I'd use my looper pedal, a Boss RC-300, but the thing is that it doesn't work with batteries.
Neither does my amp, a Marshall MG10.

Any idea how should I power that stuff?

(Worst case scenario: I thought about getting a 50 meter extension cord, and hoping that some shop or restaurant will give me some electricity)
They have amps that run on batteries, not sure how pricey it would be to power an amp with batteries meant to be run off the wall power.

That said if you're going to be collecting money while you busker don't leave it all out, leave just enough to show people you are doing it for.
You will get robbed if there's enough out and what are you going to do? Chase them with your gear?
I used to do it at Pike Street market in Seattle, good to have more than one person with you too.
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If you need electricity, busking is probably not for you. Unless you're the weird Native American busker who plays a wooden flute alongside a karaoke machine.

The whole looping thing is big in busking, yeah it's not traditional but there are quite a few going that route.
My advice is to just stay home. Busking isn't the glamorous crusade that people think it is. Chances are you'll either get arrested for not getting a permit or you'll be a permit for far more than you could hope to make. Either way, you'll still probably be a nuisance. People who want to see guitarits go to open mics. Don't bother busking unless you can do something novel or interesting like playing an accordion on a unicycle. That and bucket drumming are where the money is at.
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OP, the idea might be to take parts you find helpful from this conversation and see where that leads you

An alternative to batteries are portable power supplies, btw
OP here. thanks for the answers. 2 useful ones out of six is a good percentage, isn't it?
I've been busking for 2 summers now, and I will go back to the places where I know that I'm not against the law. I am never alone when busking, so I hopefully won't get robbed.
It's not about the amp, because I found some amps which are not so expensive and can run on batteries, the pedal is the bigger question. Portable power supply? NeoMvsEu would you link me some? I didn't find any cheap ones.
tomika4444 I didn't see anything under $100; seems like it's going to be a bit costly

Btw, moving this to GG+A, focus is clearly on gear
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