Hey everyone! So I just recently discovered a Megadeth song, Use the Man. I had heard it before, but it had been a very long time before I had. However, while listening to it, I immediately recognized the guitar riff from another artist that I quite rather enjoy: Watsky. Watsky's song Tiny Glowing Screens has the exact same guitar riff, only sped up. I did a few searchs on Google and even here, and I can't find anything that links or even gives credit to Megadeth for the riff usage. 

Here's the two songs in question:

[url="(Invalid video video code)]Megadeth: Use the man

[url="(Invalid video video code)]Watsky: Tiny Glowing Screens

I was just wondering if any one else thought this was interesting, and had other examples of sampled songs that might not be known about.
i hear aerosmith sampled run dmc on their hit single walk this way
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