Just acquired this tidy little unit which despite not being the best of tones plays nicely.
Yesterday I broke a G string (thanks to an overzealous "Roadie" tuner).
No problem, I'll just look up the gauge & replace. Easy uh?
Now I'm not entirely stupid or part blind; but I can find no reference as to what the guitar is shod with ex factory.
Not on any Ibanez websites, not in the product literature . . . . nada.
And I don't just happen to have a micrometer hanging off the shelf to measure it myself.

Any kind souls out there got a suggestion?
Light guage strings are the most common. A G would be .024. It would still work even if the strings on the guitar are another size. If you bought it used, you may just want to replace all the strings to whatever you prefer.
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Install a new set.  That way they will all break near the same time, LOL.  1 new string will sound much different than the others.  Most guitars will really resonate with certain string material, offset by what you will like.  Could be steel, silk and steel,  silvered,  PB, 80/20's, and who knows what brand?  Maybe you could get an idea by playing different ones at the store.