So i went to login on a new computer and password would not take. So i had it sent so could reset password. Now i'm seeing that there is a problem with my email not getting the email too me. Can someone please guide me to the proper people to talk to about the account info. I need to access this ASAP thanks for any help would greatly be appreciated. I have not logged out of my regular computer just for the fact i may never get the account back do not wish to pay again LOL. 

^^ this account ^^ is associated with your other username (at) wavecable (dot) com; do you have access to this?
Your other account is (at) yahoo (dot) com

Multiple accounts aren't allowed, so please write to figure out which account you want to use

If you still have login issues, UG Support can help
My wave account was the original account. But no emails can get through to it. I would change the email if i had a password that logged in. 
NeoMvsEu i would like to use rharnden20001 but if my wave is not accepting the emails you send then i would like to use the yahoo email address if i possible not sure whats going on with my wave account. 
NeoMvsEu Thank you! No exaclty sure why my wave account is doing this they upgraded and now will not accept anything you send. This should work if they can switch it the help is greatly appreciated. 
rharnden20001, emails go missing sometimes depending on provider, even outside spam; it happens, unfortunately. Hopefully this'll get fixed in the next 12-24 hours
Please send to me via email
- email address 
- password
that you want to be associated with your Ultimate Guitar account under username rharnden20001
Ultimate Guitar official Support Portal
If you create a ticket by contacting the Support Team directly at forum-support[@]ultimate-guitar.com you'll receive a personal answer by email within 24 hours.

Still no luck in account support at this time i really could use this by the end of today thanks if anyone can help!!!!!!!!!!!
Still no support this is the worst support i have ever had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!