Hi everyone,

I was wondering about something. Almost all the teaching videos online seem to focus exclusively on developing all kinds of technical play with both hands. And it seems almost without exception that the aim is to be able to play scales and modes at a ridiculously fast speed - which was what I did when I still played lead guitar.

I am just surprised that it is again the aim of this completely different instrument.
I see and hear a lot of music which lays down a simple but effective bass routine - often consisting of no more than 5 notes. 

Now I am not trying to cheat or seek shortcuts, I will certainly continue down this path, although my intention is not to join some kind of technical, speed outfit.

I would like to hear some thoughts on this.
Read between the lines a little bit. Speed is a byproduct of accuracy. You can't build up speed if technique is sloppy. Speed may not be your goal, but if you look at it that way, it makes sense, even if it isn't what the lesson giver realises.

Plus, there's plenty of videos focussing on the groove aspect. I think Rocco Prestia had one which was Hire good.