This one has stumped EMG and Alvarez. Hopefully I can get some help from someone out there.
Overview: Needing help with wiring on Alvarez Electric Bass AE800.

Components: 2Vol/1Tone, Output jack, 18V Battery Supply, Toggle Switch, LED light, EMG Select active pickups
(Pickups just have bare and white wires - for each)

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Does anyone have any idea how to wire the LED light with the active pickups. Or anyone familiar with this wiring setup?

Let me know if I can provide more details.

Your LEDs will have to be on a separate circuit powered by the same battery. Make sure that your toggle switch has a free pole. For example, if your guitar is working with a DPDT switch, get a 3PDT switch. Solder the input pin of your toggle switch to a resistor, then the other end of the resistor to power. The exact value of the resistor is up to you, just make sure the LED isn't too bright, or it will burn out quickly. Solder each output pin of the toggle switch to your LEDs. Connect the cathodes of the LEDs to ground.
Take a look at these rudimentary diagrams: 

After getting the right switch, your circuit should look like this: 

Your end wiring should look like this:
JBap Thanks a million. This has stumped me for a couple months since I am not as electronic savvy as I would like to be.