^THIS is the product I've been looking at for a good while now (Line 6 POD Studio UX2)

I'm just getting into recording. So new that I have an SM-57 with no practical way to record. Albeit I've been at college. However, this summer I am for sure locking down my "studio" and getting serious (amateur serious that is). 

What I want is to record guitar and vocals easily into my computer. My favorite genre is rock/punk etc. (basically everything that isn't acoustic) and I want a lot of tones and FX my amp can't provide. I'm for an all-in-one product. So the criteria for the product is: 
  1. Pre-amp w/ both 1/4" & XLR inputs
  2. Digital FX 
  3. DAW (recording software which honestly I can probably find freeware but it would be nice to have a more premium)

I stumbled upon the Line 6 POD Studio UX-2 which seems to be everything I want in one...it has digital effects, is meant to record to computer, is basically a pre-amp, and comes with its own recording software for ~$200

However, this is 10 year old technology and I'm SURE something is on the market just like it or better. So I'm wondering what are some good alternatives to this product/what I'm looking for? You know, something that's all in-one, all inclusive; digital effects/pre-mixer/studio perfect for <$200

 Thank you much in advance  

*Note: I'm aware I could get much better quality by buying various pedals, cabinets, etc. as many people suggested earlier but obviously I'm on a budget which is why I'm settling/asking for digital FX to be included. I have a Roland CUBE-40GX 40W amp (not that it should matter but just saying it's no Marshall)
*Note: Feel free to educate me on anything, like I said; I have no clue what I'm doing lol
*This was posted before but I've added more detail
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That would work but I think there are better options. 
The Line 6 only supports up to 44.1/48 KHz. That is acceptable & has some advantages (faster) but many prefer higher quality rates. Even the litle Focusrite Solo supports up to 192 KHz. 
The Line 6 does not have digital FX built in the unit itself. Appears they (like other companies) just give you some free VST effect plugins you use inside your DAW software. There are also many you can just download for free on your own.  vst4free.com  is a great place to checkout. 
I'd look at Focusrite. I also use Steinberg myself but some people have driver issues and their support is not always the best. Presonus, Tascam and others are in the same range. 

They give you a copy of Cubase LE. It is fine but so you know all interfaces I am aware with come with a DAW. I'm a former Cubase user and do not recommend it anymore. I prefer Reaper. Choice of DAW is something to consider because there is aq bit of a learning curve you invest in the DAW. It is not real easy for most people to switch from one to the other. Also Many like Cubase use proprietary format for files so transferring to another DAW is a pain. And not sure if the version of Cubase they include must be registered after a certain number of months but you will have to pay for upgrades.