I just finished writing a song in guitar pro and just realized that the very first note starts at beat 1 instead of 4+ and now the whole rhythm is messed up. Is there a way to shift every note by one eighth? Or does anyone have another solution for my problem (except for rewriting everything)?
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Random3 Just found out that you can do that with TuxGuitar: Simply open the file in TuxGuitar, select the beat that you want to shift, then go to "beat -> move one beat left/right", save it, open it in GP and tadaa! 
Very good fix! I started with TuxGuitar before Guitar Pro and had never noticed that function before. To be fair, it might be something they've added more recently. My OCD would make me still have to fix all the things that get changed in TG and don't transfer over exactly right to GP though, P.M., staccato, slides, etc.