hi, guys
i am after a acoustic effects pedal, just one pedal that would make my strat sound like a acoustic guitar when i am playing chords, i am not after a lots of other effects, just a acoustic guitar sound in one pedal, can you guys help,

thanks again for your time,
hte acoustic pedals i've tried have all fallen short of the goal. perhaps someone can chime in wit one that they've had success with. personally i use the middle pickup on my strat and roll back the tone a little when trying for an acoustic type sound. that obviously doesn't nail it but it works to a degree.  
Boss has the AC-3, which I have, and Mooer does a clone if it. I agree that they do fall short, particularly through a guitar amp and I had problems getting unity gain. I never tried the pa out though. I'd say give them a shot at a shop and see if it works for you. Not a bad solution for the occasional acoustic section in a song but not convincing enough to used a lot.

If you definitely need something more convincing I'd suggest looking into getting a piezo pickup. I've also seen people mention that using both works well.
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I have an AC3 here someplace. The sound is not really acoustic. Piezo pickup is the only way as mentioned. Fishman makes or did make piezo pickups that dropped into some guitars without major modifications. I had one in an SG that replaced the TOM bridge and sounded fantastic.