My name's James, I'm just moving to Macau (china) and I must leave my guitar in Poland because I can't get too much luggage to plane :/
I will buy a new guitar there, I have budget around 300$, but there prices are totally different than in Europe or USA - for example some ibanez models are 50% cheaper than in Europe, but Schecter or Dean are totally overpriced.

After messing on taobao.com and aliexpress I found some very interesting guitars in very reasonable prices (250$) and I found:

Ibanez GRG170DX - Mahogany body, HSH bridge, classic tremolo (will be locked of course ) - looks very good
yamaha rgx 121z - Maybe not spectacular, and lack of 24 frets can be a little bit problematic for me, but I know that yamaha can build cheap guitar with nice quality
Peavey predator exp II - Cheap floyd-rose but still floyd rose (I can replace it with floyd rose 1000 for 60$) - but i love that top

All of them are new - I can't find in china or HK some nice second hand offers (ok - one - ibanez S from 1998 MiJ but it has been sold :/ ).
I need a guitar with big quality to price relation - it must sound decent for the price, must have nice neck, and be universal. 
I know I can save more cash to get something better, but at the moment I don't have any guitar :/ I'm planning to get some better guitars within 3 month, but I play from 8 years and I don't want a total crap :/

The question is: Can someone tell me MORE THAN ONE SENTENCE about that guitars ? Especially Peavey - it looks more expensive than others
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Personally, I would go with the Ibanez. I hate FR bridges and the Yamaha has a six point bridge while the Ibanez has a two point, which I prefer. They're all good guitars so it would come down to the tone and the playing which you won't know until you buy it. You can also swap the pickups if you don't like the sound. There's probably some music shops in Macao, might be a good idea to check them out.  
Ibanez 50% cheaper seems like an okay deal to me hahah they are versatile quality guitars. I haven't actually played a Peavey guitar before but I do hear they are definitely a good bang for your buck.
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You can take the ferry to Hong Kong tons of musical stores there. Though with a budget of 300 it might even be worth it.
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