Bought a circa 1972 Yamaha G-40A via Craigslist yesterday (which looks and sounds great!). 

And inside the old hard-shell case, under the guitar, was this note. It was written in 2009 and retained by the lady that owned it in the interval.

I thought it was very cool and wanted to share the note. One doesn't usually get the life story of an antique guitar. Made my day finding this little voice from the past. 

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No picture of the guitar?
No picture of Shari?

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I an evety characyer in this story
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No picture of the guitar?

Here ya' go. The smallest, and latest, member of the herd.

“High fly ball into right field. She is… gone!" - Vin Scully
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Neat, you should post this in the acoustic guitar forum show off thread
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hey shari here i want my guitar back