is there a way to wire a push pull pot with pickups with only 2 conductor wires?
i have the Mojotone CTS 500k push/pull pots. http://www.mojotone.com/guitar-parts/Potentiometers_x/CTS-500K-DPDT-Push-Pull-Potentiometer
but there is no wiring diagram for pickups with just 2 wires and i just cannot comprehend how it works.
anyone go any tips on how i can wire it?

i have 2 humbuckers with 2 wires, 4push pull pots, 2x0.047uF capacitor, and high quality wire.
i kept the original pickup selector which is a 3 way (les paul ish switch.)

anyone got any idea on how to wire it?
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IIRC if your pickups only have 2 wires you cannot coil split.
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yeah i know i cant do anything but i want to have it temporarily able to plug in and play then i will redo it when i have the money for the rest of the stuff i need..
So you want to wire up your 2 wire humbuckers to push pull pots and then buy 4 wire pickups later?
"Well reeeer to you too sir...Its the internet. Do you really expect it to be completely serious?" - mcraddict81592
If guitar is working, don't touch the wiring.. keep and safely store the push-pull pots, and wait until you get the 4 or 5 wire (the 5th wire is bare ground wire) humbucker.. then you do the wiring. In truth, 2 wire humbucker have 4 wires.. the manufacturer chose to cut the two other wires short (it's a pain to reconnect wires for the END of 1st coil and START of 2nd coil). easier to buy 4 wire humbucker.

I don't get the point of soldering a 2 wire humbucker to the push pull pot.. then remove them when you get 4 wire humbuckers.. why do work twice. Don't say you just haphazardly tore off the electrics and want to change the wiring without having parts ready.

It is best to get idea, plan, design, collect necessary items, and actually perform action.. "measure twice do it once".
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it was working but real muddy sound no clarity. but i will wait until i get the 4 wire pickups..
its possible to bypass all electronics. i just connected the hot wire and the ground to the jack and it worked.
Take the ground wires and solder them to the back of the pots, then take the bridge and neck wires and solder them into your switch