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So I was set on getting the APX but I bumped into a potentially better option which was the FGX800C. I tried to do some research on it and look for some videos to get a listen on the sound but all I found were videos of other models.

They are both Electro-Acoustic guitars which is what I'm looking for but there's a somewhat significant price difference between the two.
APX700II - $649.99 CAD
FGX800C - $399.99 CAD

Does anyone know enough about both guitars to know why that price difference is there? Is it because of the material used or does one have a better electric counterpart (pickup) than the other or is it something else?
Have you checked out the Yamaha A1R or A1M? They are better sounding solid top acoustic-electrics than either of the others, I think. The Alvarez AD70CE or AD60CE (70 is rosewood, 60 mahog.) sells for about $300 US and has great tone. The APX700II is a discontinued thin-body that was known for sounding great plugged in, but terrible unplugged. The A1R and A1M (rosewood or mahogany) have Yamaha's new SRT system, have been marked down a couple hundred dollars lately($298 at Sweetwater right now), and usually include a hard case. Trust me, you should try the A1 and the Alvarez Artist series before you buy the others. And I gave the FG800 a great review, as a straight cheap solid-top acoustic. But I don't think it makes as good a choice as an acoustic-electric. I have the Alvarez, and had been checking out the A1 and all solid A3R, and was about to buy it yesterday, when I saw a Guild F-150 Jumbo and had to buy that instead. But the Yamaha A1 and A3 are definitely great choices for playing plugged in.
It's your first guitar? Are you sure you want an acoustic-electric? Have you bought an amp already, or decided what kind you'll get? I would just get a straight acoustic first, myself. Have you thought about getting a slightly smaller guitar to learn on, like the Yamaha FS800, or FSX800C? Easier to play, and great sounding guitars, like the FG. Think you should add the A1 and the Alvarez guitars to your poll at least. A great all-solid wood grand auditorium you might want to consider would be the Luna Art Nouveau (Yeah, shocked me, too!) Solid rosewood back and sides, ebony fingerboard, Tusq black nut and saddle, polyfoam case included usually, and acoustic-electric. I paid $599, and thought that was really cheap, but I have seen it at a couple places marked down to $499, for all-solid rosewood and Sitka spruce, etc.!
relayer1 Yes I've got an amp because my brother used to own an electric (He lost interest and sold his guitar). I been recommended the A1 and other great budget guitars quite a few times but unfortunately none of which were available in any of the guitar stores near me and I'm skeptical on buying a guitar without trying it first. I've been to the store many times to try out a few guitars I think I'm finally gonna come home with one. Thanks for your recommendations.
Hey, I put on my best headphones and find a quality sample on Youtube if there isn't one at the local GC. They are usually cheaper online, anyway. I'm sure you'll go with the FGX800C (the other would be pure folly), but when you finally hear one of the others, you'll wish you had made the plunge. The A1 was given great reviews on The Acoustic Letter (He picked the AC1M, the grand concert sized model, as one of his top 3 guitars under a thousand dollars) and lots of other places when it was selling at $600. Now it's an amazing deal, and only the A3 is a better acoustic electric by Yamaha. Hell, if you order it from Amazon, you can always send it back if you don't like it. Just claim the frets were buzzing, they never check, and returns are totally automated. I've returned 2 guitars to them, and it was a piece of cake. They sent me a return label to print out, so shipping was free.
relayer1 I was doing some more searching on guitar stores in my area and I found a less known one but it had the A series in stock so I'm definitely going to check it out. Thanks to you, I've opened up my choices quite a lot and I might even just get an acoustic and buy a seperate sound hole pickup. Your advices are appreciated thank you Sir.
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