Just wondering what other people's writing process is. Do you just mess around until it sounds good, build it around a specific chord progression, listen to a band that inspires you, etc.
samuelgoldber I do all three of them. Basic knowledge of power chords and major minor triads is important. I also like to mix chords with single notes in a riff. However for riffs you don't need to strictly be in key (especially if you're using power chords), so with that knowledge in mind, I also mess around.

The other thing is to learn as many riffs as possible from your favorite artists. Techniques like palm muting and pinch harmonics will also give more flavor to your riffs.

If you train yourself in these things, after a while the riffs will start writing themselves. 
I try to hear something in my head and then figure out how to play it. I may also noodle around and play a cool sound that inspires me to write something, and sometimes it's a song that inspires me to hear something in my head. Then again, sometimes I just force myself to write something and then try to develop it. This means trying a lot of stuff and finding what works. (Sometimes I have a rough idea of what I'm after but it takes some time to actually achieve that sound.)

When it comes to writing riffs, that's mostly about ear and intuition (I don't want to think too much about it because riffs are most of the time quite simple and overthinking simple stuff will make it sound generic). When it comes to writing full songs, that is more about trying different stuff and developing ideas.
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