So I'm learning Icky Thump to play with the band, and we don't have a keyboard player, so I'm trying to figure out what to do for the keyboard parts. 
From the guitar pro tab posted, which sounds right except the timing, the intro keyboard is in Em.
Now I don't have a very good ear, but the other keyboard solo parts at 1:10, 2:12, 2:32, etc, sound like they're in a different key to me. It sounds exotic, but it could just be the keyboard tone and still just messing around in Em, I don't know.

Anyone have any idea? 

Any youtube links would be helpful too, i havent found any other than of Jack playing on the keyboard and I havent gone as far as trying to see which keys he's playing, yet.
jimmy-moto, what in the keyboard part makes it sound exotic? What do the other instruments do? Does the combination sound like a different key?
Take a listen here at 1:10:

There's nothing else other than drums and the guitar playing muted E string. The keyboard sounds to me like it's playing an exotic scale, like phrygian dominant or something like that. 

I was hoping someone with a good ear could just pick it out really easily haha... 
Have you tried slowing it down? It's all just E minor (except for the syncopated D chords every once in a while).
It sounds "exotic" because of the rhythm and the phrasing (and probably because of the tone too), not because of the note choice. It's just E minor scale.

It's pretty fast so I would suggest slowing it down to figure out exactly what they are playing.
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Cool! Yeah the rhythm and phrasing must be what made me think it was a different scale. Slowing it down helped. Thanks guys.