Had a meeting today with a Roland employee regarding some Boss stuff (i was doing him/Boss a favour, seems to be a bit of a trend recently!) and had the opportunity to photograph these beautiful beasts!

Only a handful exist, given to Boss HQ's and dealers around the world to celebrate milestones of 6, 8 and 10 million compact pedals sold. They're so aesthetic, however have definitely been used more than once (those grubby fingerprints don't come off..). They're not made of precious metals, only chrome plated in blue, black and gold. Stock circuits inside, also no serial numbers which i found interesting!

*Image has been watermarked to make sure no matter where it gets re-posted, whoever sees it knows who to ask for information/context. I'm sick of all this speculation/chinese whispers about Boss unobtanium, so this is just easier. 

More to come soon when i'm allowed to show it, but for now: 


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