I have a cioks dc10 and wanted to ask about a few things regarding a few of the cables - the Split adapter Flex and Split Flex type 1.

1. If I have two pedals one 10mA and the other 20mA, instead of powering in seperate ports do I use the Split adapter Flex or Split Flex type 1 in port 1 to power both pedals?

2. If I have a 250mA strymon pedal, what do I do to merge ports 5/6 to enable me to power this pedal. I have the Series adapter Flex do I use this? Concerned about the doubling of 9V to 18V/24V etc, and it can ruin pedals if done wrong. As my strymon is a 9V I only want to merge the mA.

Can anyone clarify the correct way I should do both of these points? 
best is to contact Ciok, Poul, the owner, was very helpful before I bought my DC10. I was going for 2 supplies but he managed to fit everything into the DC10.

I think that for your first question, it depends. If you can get away by using the split flex type 1, that should be the easiest solution. If you need to plug something with a different power point (like a ProCo RAT or big box EHX pedals) or a longer wire, you use the split adapter flex, then you use a wire from the adapter to the pedal as desired.

For your second question, no you cannot. You could damage the pedal. You need a parallel adapter not a series adapter. I think that by switching dipswitch 2 you can merge their power capacity.
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What would be the correct way for merging ports 5&6 then to make 400ma? I read a few times it was possible it also says on any site selling the dc10 that these can be merged
I think they can be merged by switching the dip switch 2 as marked on the unit.