not total pig. i bought it for $40 squier strat, i have some pickups around that i am going to stick in there (dimarzio/IBZ's) and just have a beater.

but, which pickguard should i get. it is going to be HH (hopefully its routed for that, but i will do it either way)

i would like an HH layout with a single switch and single volume.

what color? where should i buy it from?

thanks and cheers
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IDK Pearloid or maybe gold or gold perloid would look great on that blue guitar. Get it from WD "the largest selection of pickguards in the world"

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I buy my blanks off EBay,    Yep that's coming from China, but you can find every color known to man,  Only problem with the precut is that an HH 2 pot,  Or shall we say SoCal Charvel style is you don't have as many color options it seems,  Standard Fender layouts,  any color you want ,  Even the Strat blanks, meaning no pickup or pot cutouts seem a bit plain Jane.   The other option is to contact the seller as many will make anything you want, it just takes a bit longer to receive it,  I've always been partial to the pearloid 3 plys,  Blue would look pretty clean,  as would your basic black which looks more grey in pearloid,   Personally I'd go with purple, but I'm strange that way, 
Here are some sites with uncommon pickguards and other parts.


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