So, I've made this song a while ago and I think this is a good place to share and discuss on where the direction of the song should be  
new s0ng.gp5
Hey man just took a listen to both. Gonna be honest, they both sound a bit bland with just the straight chugs going on. With "djent" there's usually some kind of groove going on and I don't really hear or feel it with these. Some of the time signatures seem complex just for the sake of being complex. It's just kind of stale. My suggestion would be to try and incorporate some kind of melody or change up the drums and make it flow a better.
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kylendm thanks for the reply! yeah, I kinda agree and also that's part of the problem. I'm having a hard time incorporating some cool melodies above those chug-chug 0000 stuffs lol
pretty cool but I improved it immensely. if you're planning on using this version (which you definitely should btw) i want to be credited and get at least 40% of the money it makes (im willing to go down to 39% just because I'm a nice guy and I want this to work)
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I know it's old but... I think that it sounds ok but need more variations betweens these chugging. I liked the second track more. Djent is not only about playing palmmutes on first string, though I'm not the biggest fan of this genre, except of Meshuggah and some Born Of Osiris