I'm looking at selling my Gibson J-180 to get some money for a new electric. My question is what would be worth giving it up for? My top three options are a prs s2 singlecut or cu24, USA tele, or buying a couple of "higher end" squiers. Any other ideas would be great! Just keep in mind that buying online isn't very ideal for me, since I like to get a good feel for the guitar I'm buying.
Goddamn, really wish I could trade with you for this :S.

Stand firm on whatever you decide to price it at and price generously.

Don't sell it in your 1st week because you need beer money, plz?

You're literally talking about thousands of dollars, don't be dumb. 
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Go buy a carbon fiber acoustic/electric. They rarely go out of tune, sound great, and last forever. 
i have a very very good classica guirtar, RRP £72,000. looks like a bad guitar but it was played by bob dylan a couple of yrs ago. get in touch if ur interested in a trade
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