Hello there.

Thanks for checking out my track.

This is a really well written track. There are a lot of different styles going on but on the whole it feels like natural progressions and makes sense to me as a whole.

The production is generally very good. The drums sound good (a very slappy tom sound you have going on). The only thing I think letting it down is the vocal production. Some sections seem to have multiple parts going on that are taking up the same space in the mix. I think you need to take an eq to some of the harmony parts and be pretty ruthless with carving space out. Some of the parts are also a little uneven in terms of volume. I have problems with my own vocal performance being very uneven so I always try and draw in gain automation before I start mixing the vocals to try and get worst of it sorted.

Anyway, cool track. I enjoyed listening to it quite a lot. 
Hi mate, thanks for checking out my track. I love the sound of this track- very original. The groove during the verses is great and the vocals are very well executed. I liked the blast beats mixed with clean guitars. The composition as a whole flows well. The transition at 1:16 ish was perhaps a little awkward but i think a drum fill or something would link it together well. The lead playing and playing in general is superb and the production is solid. Honestly there is little to criticise - really impressive stuff! Truly something I would pay to listen to. Bravo!