This week we have slightly progressive gothic death/thrash. Assorted Heap was a German death/thrash band that only released two albums before splitting up. This is their second album, and is generally noted as being more sophisticated albeit weirder than their debut. This was an attempt by the band to be dark and mature and be relevant in the 90s, and it obviously didn't work out. That's not to say what's here isn't solid. There's proggy/technical twists and turns and quiet sections that keep things interesting. What's really on display here is the atmosphere. The incredible dark/gothic atmosphere is a fact that most critics could all agree on. It's actually a pretty fun album to listen to. IF you want balls out speedy death/thrash than the debut 'The Experience of Horror' might be more to your liking, but here in the psychotronics club we want the wacky out of body/mind experience.

Who are you? The prince of darkness? Don't you have any friends?