This is my first post on UG so forgive me if I am breaking any forum rules. Recently I made a huge mistake with my Ibanez Destroyer. The volume knob of the guitar came kind of half way loose. For some reason I decided that twisting the knob would fix it. I twisted it a signifigant ammount and I started to feel a resistance. I kept twisting the knob and I think I tore somthing in the wiring. Now the guitar won't really work. If I mess with the know while it plugged in I may be able to get a tiny bit of afwful bassed ridden distorted sound for a moment but for the most part I am not able to play the guitar through an amp. I am not at all knowledgeable about mattinence of guitars and I would really appreciate some help. I appologize for what a dumbass I must sound like. Does anybody have an idea of what happened to the guitar? How would I go about repairing it?
It's prol' just a minor electronics fix but because of your inexperience, I recommend taking it to a tech. 
You've destroyed, if you'll excuse the pun, the volume pot - it'll need replacing. If you know a bit about electronics and soldering you can do it yourself, otherwise take it to a guitar tech.
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Alright thanks guys. I'll take down to a shop and get it worked on. Though I should probably learn how to working with this kind of stuff.

But seriously like has been said you either broke a wire or two off the pot or possibly one of the tabs on the pot destroying it altogether a tach will fix you up and it shouldn't cost too much.
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But seriously, just take it to a tech and he will replace the volume pot for you. Mybe some other wires got loose, but it shouldnt really be a big job.
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