I've scoured the net and I've come across a tablature (http://prnt.sc/f2go25)

I don't know how to read it and as much as I appreciate it, I would need C3-C5 unless you can just simply go from the two scales in the link to get to C3-C5?

If you can help me, I'd be very thankful!

Not quite sure what you're asking, but guitar sheet music is usually written an octave above what you actually play. Middle C, which is the ordinary dividing line between the treble clef and the bass clef (and sort of in the middle of a piano), is actually the first fret on your B string (C4), so most of the guitar notes are below that. Since most guitar music would be mostly in the bass clef, the convention is to "lie" and write it an octave higher with the understanding that it's actually played an octave below that.  If you can read sheet music and understand how it translates to a guitar (which will usually have two or more positions to play the same exact note), then you have what you need to use it.
Tab, on the other hand, is simply finger placement on a guitar fretboard. It doesn't tell you what note you're playing or how it relates to the rest of the universe. 
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Sounds like you want to use guitar tab to play piano.

Assuming the guitar tab is for standard tuning and does not call for a capo...

- the six lines in tab that look like a staff represent the 6 guitar strings
- the numbers on the lines are indicating the chromatc fret numbers up from the open strings
- you know the note names of the open strings and their positions relative to middle C from the illustration
- use the fret number on the string line as an indication of how many chromatic steps to add to the open string note name

So if the tab has a number 5 on the highest line, add 5 chromatic steps to E above middle C and get A, to play on the piano.

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The image just shows the connection between guitar tab and piano keyboard. I guess it may be for pianists who want to read a guitar tab. Or maybe it's for guitarists who want to understand the piano keyboard.

For example the "1" on the middle C key just means that if you want to play the middle C on a guitar, you need to play the first fret of the B string. Or if you want to play the note on the first fret of the B string on piano, you need to play the middle C key.

As people already said, that is not a tab. It's just an explanation of the connection between guitar tab and piano keyboard.
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