Hi guys. I need to buy a small size guitar (3/4 size) with a low price. The city where I live doesn't have too many choices when it comes to 3/4 size guitar. I went to several guitar shops and they have Taylor GS mini, Martin Lx1e, Yamaha Jr2, Fender ma-1. GS mini and Lx1e are too expensive for my low budget. That's why I'm considering buying Fender ma-1 or Yamaha Jr2.
I wonder if anyone here can help me to choose between these 2 guitars. Which one is better? Thanks in advance.
Taylor GS mini is in a whole different league from any of the other guitars you mentioned. It has a well balanced tone that compares favorably to many full sized guitars. All the other guitars in your list are more in the category of "travel" guitars with trade-offs in tone for the sake of portability. 

I haven't tried the Fender ma-1, but in general I've been under-whelmed with Fender acoustics. I've played the Yamaha Jr1 and it's pretty impressive for the price.  I assume the Jr2 is even better. I was killing time in my local guitar shop last week and had the opportunity to try a 3/4 size  Luna  guitar and a Baby Taylor BT2. The Luna (sorry, I don't remember the model) was a pleasant surprise, but not quite the equal of the Baby Taylor.  

Given the choice of the Fender or the Yamaha, the Yamaha would definitely get my vote. As always, I suggest you try both and see which sounds and feels best to you. 

BTW, I own a Baby Taylor BT-2 which is perfect for camping and travel, but lacking the fullness of a big bodied guitar. 
I dislike Fender acoustics and haven't played their 3/4 models (which I assume are even worse). I bought the Yamaha JR for my nephew. It's well made, but it doesn't sound all that good. I think it would be good to practice on though, if the action is good. The neck is very friendly. 

If you go used you can get a Baby Taylor for $200 or so. It's much nicer than the Yamaha JR. 
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Thanks you all. I'll check both of them. Maybe I should save more money to buy GSmini.

That sounds like a good choice. It's important to have a good guitar to practice on. 

The GS Mini is great...but the BigBaby is just as good. The thing that makes the Mini great is it sounds like a fullscale guitar and it's shortscale. It's a brilliant design. The BigBaby sounds the same, but it's 15/16 scale, almost a full size dreadnaught.