As a guitar player with short fat fingers I have been keeping an eye out for an inexpensive short scale bass. A Squire Affinity Bronco popped up on CL and I gave it a new home. From what I make out it is an early version made in 1997 and is a bit different than the newer ones with big open tuners, no black grommet in the truss rod adjustment hole, and no skunk stripe down the back of the neck. Overall it seems to be a good playing little bass after a couple of very minor adjustments, though I am far from experienced in the ways of the bass. I know that this will never be a great bass, but it is passable for a hack like me.

There are a lot of folks who mod these things, there is plenty of empty space in the body for any number of pickup mods, batteries and switches, it already has large pots and large tuning pegs. Maybe sometime down the road I may give it whirl, but for now it will work as is.

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