Hey guys. So, after having my guitar for months, the EMG's are giving me hell. First, the bridge pickup was completely silent. Neck pup was fine. I opened the control cavity and saw nothing wrong, then switched the two humbuckers. Then, they both started working. I switched them back, still working. When I put it back together, though, now both of them have very little output. I can only hear, on an overdriven amp, a small clean sound when I strike the strings hard, no matter how high I set the volume. It's to the point of rendering my guitar useless.

Battery and cable are not the issue. I have a multimeter. I've tested the resistance in several places in the control cavity. I get readings in some areas and no reading in others, but I don't know where I should and shouldn't be getting readings. Trying to avoid going to a tech if I can help it.

Any help is appreciated.
Tried posting a photo but site is being special.
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Like this:


The first thing to always check with guitar wiring is ensuring that the hot signal is not shorting to ground somewhere. You need to get yourself a continuity tester, or a multimeter than comes with one. Touch the continuity tester between every area where there's a hot connection (like between the middle lug of the potentiometers and the hot of the output jack). Than do the same for wherever there's a ground connection (like between the potentiometer casings).

Then check that you're getting an open circuit between hot and ground at every connection. You want hot and ground to be fully isolated from each other at every point in the circuit, or else your guitar signal is going to cut out.
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quick connect is hell. i have had issues before with it. right now my two showmasters are EMG loaded with quick connect, but i taped the hell out of every connection.
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I agree, the solderless system can be a b*tch.  I've only had it in a handful of guitars, but it gave me issues in all but my current ESP, which only has one pup.  With one, I found it was a bad ground connection in the system somewhere, and the other was the bridge pickup.
So, I've pulled off the cavity cover because it has foil on it and I was thinking that that could be a source of the short. That wasn't it though. I'm going to tool around with the multimeter tomorrow, but today I didn't have time.

Here's a picture of the control cavity:

(Invalid img)

Also here's the quick connect wiring for the pickups themselves

(Invalid img)
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The quick connectors only plug in one way, with the arrow outwards. Are you sure you didn't plug them in the other way around?
Just an update for anyone who stumbles upon this thread. So I had two issues.

First, a shotty wiring connection was shorting to ground on the foil shielding on the cavity cover itself. All that took was electrical tape to correct.

Secondly, the quick connect wiring was coming out of the pickups themselves. Foam was installed under the pickups to prop them up and a bit of the foam was wedging itself between the quick connect pieces. I cut that stuff out and taped it together and it works good now.
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