Hey guys,

First post in a long time. I know this is not the regular kind of thread (asked some of the mods if this was ok (did not get an answer for guitar techniques forum, but this was also an ok place to post), but I would love some help from the UG community for writing my university research. It'll play a role in my graduation so I hope some of you might be interested and have time.

Its basically in broad terms about how the internet has made becoming a guitar virtuoso something that can be learnt (together) in an online setting; wether it be on youtube, communities like UG or other channels. I'm basically looking for guys and girls that are into (neoclassical) shredding. i will ask questions about your guitar heroes, what you use the internet for being a guitar player, what motivates you and subsidiary questions around these themes.

Unfortunately, my original plan to post an open questionaire of some sorts was disproved by the final person that will check my thesis. So I can't offer any fun discussion in the thread itself by posing the questions here. I will have to do it via some kind of tool like Skype or any other method for online calls. It'll take roughly 30 minutes to an hour depending on how the convo goes. People I've had so far thought it was pretty fun
To anyone that might be willing, hit me up
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Sorry, I won't bother with an online call nor do I shred. I think it would be an infinitely better idea to find people who are into neoclassical shredding that you can meet face-to-face if interviews are what you are looking for, but I understand that might not be possible. There is technically no way you could even verify if the people you're interviewing online even play the guitar. I don't think we have too many neoclassical shredders here on MT anyway, and a lot of us aren't guitarists.

What's your major by the way? Just out of curiosity.
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Ok, I get that. Face-to-face interviews and interviews via Skype is what I did so far and it worked out pretty well. I always tried to do a small screening beforehand with whatever I could find of that person; also I would not think anyone would go as far as lying for half an hour - forty minutes for the sake of lying, so I figured expanding my pool of interviewees via a forum like this might be a good call. 

My major is cultural sciences. It is a mix of sociology, some economic theory, management courses and some more specifics like arts education. For my internship I made a research at a arts education institution, in their music branch to give you an idea. I'll just carry on with my research as I am doing now, but thanks for your reply and interest
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When I was in school I really wanted to shred, play fast, melt faces.

However the issue that I found is that there are extremely limited places where you can shred and make it sound good. Or more to the point, it often sounds better to play a slower melody line with some quick flurries here and there rather than full on Yngvie mode.

As a result, whenever I started dedicating my time with the metronome, building up speed, I just didn't use that extra speed when playing with bands. And if you don't use it, you lose it.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.