Picked this up at the local pawn shop, I was just looking around and the owner had a problem with a bird in the store all day, took me two seconds to take care of his little problem and he gave me a super discount.

Haven't really had time to do any research on it, I think its from the 90's...don't know. Plays really well, nice and clean, looks like somebody replaced the tuners. Hardly any signs of wear, I like it...pawn shop surprise. I was looking for a beat-up tele to possibly restore.
When I plugged it up to my amp it had some snapping and popping noise when I adjusted the volume and tone knobs, which mysteriously went away after a few seconds, don't know what's up with that, but it sounds great, crisp and clean, all pickups work fine. Whatever it is I'm stoked for only dropping $40. I'll probably remove the pick guard and do a good cleaning on the innards.
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It looks like a terrific bargain to me - better than my hock shop stock clearance special. It is usually a question of being in the right place at the right time

The scratchy pots are likely just due to lack of use, I have the same problem with my amps. Contact cleaner should fix it if it  persists.
Thanks, it cleaned up real nice, no more scratchy pots. After new string, a tuning and intonation...I must say I'm pleasantly surprised. But yea, I could see an upgrade or two coming.
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I love pawnshop steals it's like going to a flea market or garage sale you never know what you kind find and for $40? Shit I'd buy a new guitar every other day at those prices.
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Ah, 93? cool thanks for the info.

I got a new guitar that I paid a good chunk of change for, but cant keep my hands off this little Squier.
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Doncha just wonder, if he's making money on a $40 guitar...what did HE pay for it?
He had a bird stuck in the store, I probably saved him a couple hundred bucks. He was hell bent on getting it out, but he had no desire get near it. He's actually got some real nice stuff, Martin acoustics, some Jacksons...one is a V. Going to pay him another visit...taking a plastic snake with me.
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 Sorry im new here, but where would i ask to have someone translate sheet music into tabs? thanks.