I'm looking to replace the EMG-HZ (passive) pickups that came with my ESP AX (basswood body). The guitar is pretty messed up (repaired neck, lots of dents) so I'm looking for a cheap option.

I've been looking at getting GFS crunchy pat/rails (for neck/ bridge) and was wondering if anyone had experience with these pickups or this setup.
This guitar will pretty much sit in drop C for metalcore/melodicdeath. I play mostly out of a Peavey 6505mh through a 1x12 v30.

Thoughts/suggestions welcome!

You're probably primary, if not only using the bridge pickup yes?  You can pick up a used EMG 81 for under $50.  A couple 25k pots, a capacitor, stereo jack and battery cable all for under $20.  Boom, metalcore.
Used sites are your friend here and I agree with Xander_X to start with just the bridge pickup if you can't afford both.  Look into Seymour Duncan JB, Distortion, Black Winter, Nazgul, or one of their other hot humbuckers.  
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I'm using a GFS Fat Pat on bridge, it's very hot and articulate, I don't do metalcore but judging from this you may have a good time with crunchies. But I went GFS because I couldn't find used Duncans here, and going used could be better for you.
Really happy with the Crunchy PAT. Both guitars I have it in are in Drop C, and were a great upgrade. Outside of stock pickups, I only have long-term experience with the EMG HZ 4A pickups in my Schecter. From my experience, they are clearer and more articulate than stock stuff on a Squier Bullet and Washburn RX10. For $22 a pop, it's worth consideration at the very least. 

You could also e-mail GFS and ask what they'd recommend.
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