Trying to install a bridge gfs gold foil p90 into a puresalem valiente. The old pickup is a Kent Armstrong pickup . It was wired like this : black and bare wire to ground , white to pickup switch and green and red are wired into a mini switch .

I'm confused as to how to wire the gfs. It has the same pickup colored wires , but as you know they are never the same. Every pickup manufacturer has its own color code. Which wires would go where ?

Any help?
I have the wiring diagram for GFS P90's.  

White = + 
Red or Black =  Ground
Silver = Case shield connect to ground

Side note by GFS:
If you are experiencing unusual handling noises, sometimes the pickup will function best without the shield connected to ground. Ground lead is soldered to shield at factory - peel back some insulation to reveal it.  
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