Hey guys,

I impulse bought the above amp and I need some advice on how to get the best out of it.
I'm currently in a band and practise once a week. We mainly play thrash with some metalcore here and there but everytime I bring my amp it doesn't seem as loud as the rentable ones and I can't seem to get the right tone (trying for a Metallica tone with the right amount of fuzz).
We've not played a gig yet so I can trade it in towards another but I'd prefer if I can get a decent tone out of this one.
Also, will the fact that it's a combo hurt the sound at gigs?
Currently using an epiphone les Paul with Het Set pickups.
Pretty new to EQ settings as you can tell so any advice is much appreciated.
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Maybe this will help:

It depends what your rentals are but this amp should be quite good for gigging, 60 watt tube should be enough. Turn "Watts" all the way up to the right so you're using all 60 power tube watts and then as far as eq, maybe pick some of these from the video. You could try a tubescreamer pedal up front to see how that will work with it, my Laney usually takes really good to overdrive, I use Voodoolab Sparkle Drive in front. Mine is AOR head (50 watt) though, which is a bit more old school voicing, but you should try it. If on a budget, try Mooer Green Mile overdrive.
Cheers, dude, I appreciate the advice. I'll give it a go when I get in from work and let you know how t goes.
I'm assuming the amp in the vid is near enough the exact same as my combo?
About EQ, remember to use plenty of mids when you play in a band. When people are after Metallica guitar tone they usually scoop the mids, which is a sure way to get yourself buried under the bass guitar and drums. Mild mid scooping sounds good and works when playing in your bedroom or making a recording with a specific, kinda murky, sound in mind (ie underground Thrash or oldschool death metal tone), but live situation is completely different beast. You do not want murk, you want clarity and guitar is a midrange instrument, meaning turn the mids up. Also be easy on the bass knob, let your bassist handle the bottom end. It may sound ugly and honky alone but the moment the other guitarist and other instruments kick in it balances out.

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I used to own this amp - to get Metallica style thrash tone out of this amp you will definitely need an Overdrive. It responds well to pretty much amp overdrive pedal and if you are on a budget I found the EHX East River Drive is an excellent TS style that sounds great in front. 
+1 for the mids, I scoop the mids when I'm at home in my jam room (LOL which is most of the time) but guitars need mids to cut through in a band mix let the bass and drums provide the low end and the guitars punch!
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OD pedal upfront and maybe an EQ pedal in the loop. I am completely sold on doing this. Try it.

But yeah, shouldn't have any problem. Killswitch Engage has recorded and toured with the Ironheart combos. Both Adam and Joel.
I can get thrash tones out of my IRT-Studio pretty easily on the Rhythm channel using hot pickups (EMG 81, SD Distortion).  Make sure you have the Watts knob turned all the way up and use the Channel Volume knobs.  
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Yeah, I've accommodated for the bassist, lead, high hats and bass by keeping a good amount of mids and lowering bass a little. It makes sense to lower mids in your bedroom because you're trying to fill in the other instruments with just your guitar.
I'll have a look-see for an overdrive pedal.
This has removed any doubt I had with the amp, thank you very much, guys