I'm thinking about getting a new amp. I currently have a marshall mg15dfx. I have a serious under $300 budget. The amps I was considering are: Kustom quad Jr 100hd amp head $200 (I would have to get a cheap cab elsewhere), Crate gt-80 $200, Crate bv60 combo $225, bugera v22 $225, peavey deuce VT 240T 120W $200, Line 6 Flextone 2 XL $299, and a fender fm100 head $125 (would have to get cab elsewhere). Those are the ones I was looking at. If you own one of these amps your input is appreciated if you don't then please look into them before you say something. Thank you for any advice. Oh and I'm looking for an amp that would sound good with humbuckers as I have a epiphone les Paul standard stock
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Personally with your budget I'd forget about the head and cab idea,   The Kustom can be had as the Quad 100 DFX  which is a 2x12 combo, actually have one of those, Nice SS combo amp,  The Bugera V22 as long as an Infinium might work,  But be wary, they've had some reliability issues in the past but seem to have outgrown them as of late,  The Crate's?  Decent amps but I've never cared for them,  That Peavey VT is most likely older than you, but with some love could live longer than you,   The line 6 you couldn't give to me as I have to pay to get rid of E Waste in my state, and the Fender?  That also came as a combo, Still sounds like an SS Fender which is the reason they want to sell it,  But for $125 your getting bent over with no lube,  But hey it does have a Fender logo on the grill after all.  But you know what they say, One mans junk is another mans treasure, 
ABennex You've got quite an eclectic selection there. Out of those, I would lean towards the Bugera or Blue Voodoo. The SS/Hybrid amps I would not bother with. Look around to see if you can find a Peavey Valveking or a Jet City amp on the used market.
Will Lane hello and thanks for the response I saw a peavey valveking 112 for around $200 on reverb so should I get that the blue voodoo or the bugera v22 infinium
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Will Lane hello and thanks for the response I saw a peavey valveking 112 for around $200 on reverb so should I get that the blue voodoo or the bugera v22 infinium

Out of all of those, I would argue that the Valveking is the safer buy.
The fm100h has a combo version. The fm212. Gain channel is barely ok. But it shines with pedals on clean. I had the head for a while. Paid 125 for it and a 100 dollar cab, b52 ls412a. Ran an mxr prime and boss sd1 in front. Good starter stack for under 300. Eventually got a better head and ditched the MXR. Cab is still good sounding.
I have the Frontman 212R that I bought used. I bought it for 200 if I can remember. The thing does not sound as nice as a tube amp but has decent cleans. It also takes pedals well. I bought it to leave it at random practice locations, but I have also used it to a couple of gigs where I could not justify hauling in a tube amp. I had a Behringer 60W amp before that always broke down. The Fender is more reliable. I only wish I bought the 65W version. With only 1 speaker I would loose projection of the 2x12 speakers in the 100W 212R, but with 1 speaker it would be way more convenient to carry. Also, I never had any problem to get heard with the 60W Behringer. 
I'd go with the Bugera v22.
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