I'm developing an app for practising guitar (among other instruments). I'm looking for feedback and feature requests - especially how it can be extended to fit your use-cases.

It lets you play songs on your device at a different pitch or tempo for practising when playing along. It's got a few extra features,

* Change pitch/tempo of songs on device
* Save positions in track for quick navigation (e.g. solos)
* Loop sections of a song
* Speed trainer that starts with a low tempo, and increases gradually

It's iOS only, and you can read from here (https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/pocket-jam-change-tempo-bpm-pitch-of-any-song/id1153284525?mt=8)

I'll give codes so you don't have to purchase it. To use them,

* Go to the App Store
* On the main page (featured), scroll to the bottom
* Click redeem

I'll put the first 5 codes here, but feel free PM me or post here if you want one sent to you.

Note if you were feeling kind enough to rate the app in the App Store, you won't be able to if you use a code. Just thought I'd mention this, as the App Store just sort of hangs when you try this!


thats pretty cool
i'll check it out


just tried it out, it works well for its intents and purposes -- still trying to get a hang of the looping, though

for fun, i did -5 pitch and 50% tempo to Alice in Chains' song "Nutshell"
it turns the song into the most deeply mellow- chopped n screwed sounding thing ever lol
nice app, i like how you can listen to the tracks while the app is closed, too
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