I'm in the market for a new overdrive and was just hoping for some recommendations for pedals to try out. I'm running a telecaster into an AC30. I'm not looking too mimic anyones tone specifically, but I'm really trying to get something along the lines The Stooges Raw Power album. I've exclusively used a fulldrive 2 for years and i think it's just time for a change. I love the convenience of a built in boost but it's not totally necessary. As far as budget goes, I don't think I could ever justify spending more than 200 USD on a pedal and I'll almost certainly be buying used.

Thanks Guys
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I came here to suggest the FD2 until I read that you have one already. My AC30 loves the FD, maybe you might also consider the other versions- FD2 Mosfet, FD3, etc. Another option not listed above is the JHS Double Barrel.

Listening to that album, it sounds really raw and gritty. Maybe you would consider a fuzz as well?
do you want something tubescreamery or something flatter in the mids?

are you using it as a boost or a standalone od (or both)? or combining pedal dirt and amp dirt?
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