Hey guys, been a while since I've been on here but I'm in quite a pickle. I figure I'll give a little background on my problem and what I'm trying to accomplish, and then give a rundown on what all I have to work with.

Ok so I play in a thrash metal band that plays mostly bar to medium stage shows and I can't seem to find a tone that can cut through all the other instruments. Wasn't really a problem until a few months back when my Marshall kicked the bucket, luckily my bassist was nice enough to let me borrow his Crate FlexWave120H so I'm playing that now. (4×12 cab celestion v30s). I've got a few pedals that might be able to help which ill list below (I've already tried cranking up the mids on the amp with no success)
The other guitarist uses a Randall 3003H so I realize his amp has more power but even at the same volume I can't seem to be heard while he pierces through with no problem.

The pedals I have are
Boss ME-25
Digitech Hot Rod
Joyo 6 band eq (although no fx loop on this amp)

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.
I suspect that the issue is less about power and more about how you and the other guitarist are dialed in...assuming your cab is functioning properly.

Pix of each head's settings might help.
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Anything with Crate in the logo is usually a problem. The only amp that cuts through is the Crate Blue Voodoo but you don't have that one. Try more mids or play around with Me-25's eq to see if you can add more mids. You need a better amp, that's about it
Friend of mine routinely uses a pair of QSC K12s  on stands. Runs a preamp into them (I dunno what he's running these days, but it may be a modeler now). 
No question at all where he is in the mix. 

Try cutting your gain and bumping your mids again. AFTER you cut the gain. Did I mention cutting the gain yet? And cut your bass. Lots. You're just wasting power that could be used better elsewhere. You're going to sound a bit tinny to yourself, In a band context, it's a whole different thing. 

Just one of these little suckers will blow Crate or Marshall off the stage. Two isn't even fair. 
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I'd try increasing the mids on your amp, assuming you guys are playing at the same volume. Scooping out mids is a sure fire way not to be heard. It may work solo, but not in a band context. 
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You have the mids idea right. Try lowering the bass. And if you have one, a TS type overdrive. The ME25 should have a model for it. An od like that cuts lows and accentuates the mids. Are you running the amps gain channel? Or going in clean with pedals. If clean, the mfx should be able to dial in the gain plus the od.

Another option, figure out what mids the rg has most of, upper or lower, and try using the eq to boost the opposite ones. You can try working with him and have him lower his mids a bit too. Volume as well if its too loud.
This is the best excuse to buy a new amp I've seen all day - you actually need it!  

If these EQ changes don't work then it's really time to bite the bullet and get a good amp.  
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Crank your mids until you can afford to buy a new amp.  
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Aside from that, you can EQ yourself (and the other guitarist) so that you two fill somewhat different spaces, think more like complimenting each other. Ofc that also relates to dynamics of the song you play, but just an idea.
Try playing without the other guitarist. Just have you, drums, and whatever other instruments. Then try to get the best sound you can get like that. THEN have the other guitarist start gradually raising their volume until you feel that the two sounds are balanced. See what it happening as the other guitar gets louder and at what point you started to get drowned out.
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When you crank up the gain to 10 and switch to the lead channel, it actually sounds like you are unjustifiably bombing an innocent foreign land.

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Not much you can do with a FlexWave. I normally try to remain optimistic, but frankly that amp just isn't worth the heartache. I would use the ME to go straight into the PA before I screwed with the Crate. I have played with many guys who have them, they can't EVER be heard over the drums.
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Just an observation, but this isn't just your problem.  You're a band and the rest of the band should be helping to solve this.  It may just be that the other guitarist is playing too loud.  Being in a band shouldn't be a contest between you all to be heard.
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Thank you all for your responses and I have good news, MY MARSHALL LIVES AGAIN. No more problem, I also found out that hot rod pedal emulates a ds-1 so ima drive that into the front for some extra sexiness. Wooo!
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The flexwave can sound pretty good but it just wasn't quite beefy enough for those instances when the cabs aren't being mic'd.

If anybody is interested my band is called Stoned Mages, our album is called Broken Stages. We're on pretty much everything except bandcamp (technically we have one but I haven't put anything on it yet). It's some good ol fast and heavy thrash. \m/
Just hit him back with a Mesa Mark V. You'll be fine.
Great, bandmate volume wars.  My favorite.... not!    
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My band is nice enough to work in tandem on these issues, we balance all of us together. It is a life saver when it comes to live gigs as well. If I had to deal with something like the bad solid state Crate amp you mentioned, I'd probably bypass everything and hook up straight into its power section (fx return).