Hey guys! I finally released some songs with vocals. I've been practice mixing a lot recently and I think these (while no where near perfect) I think they're pretty close to commercial volume. But mainly I wanna know what you guys think of them as songs. Let me know what you think of them! Thanks and God bless. (Check the video descriptions for more details about the individual songs.)

lol 'Christian' metal. You silly Christians! what, is it supposd to make me believe in God?

It's very good, they sound professional/studio produced. Very nice. The only thing I think could use some work is the guitarist. He is good, but I think his rhythm could use some work but it's fine.

Chevelle is my favorite Christian band tbh. I consider myself sort of non-denominational. I mean, I mostly believe in the message and overall idea being expressed in the bible, but I am not a fan of organized religion and there are some things I differ on from teh bible. its just like "repent and jesus be all up in yo shitz like ahoe in your grill" and I be like "that anint enough 2 make me sold"

partin' seas and walkin' on water I do that in my sleep, wut is this? 

Actually, honestly I'd like to hear a rap artist make songs about Christianity, and rappin' about Jesus and Moses and shit, that would be dope. Like 2pack shakur "GHETTO GOSPE" n' shit. 
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